Coolgardie Cemetery


Many a sad and tragic tale is told by reading the inscriptions on headstones at the historic Coolgardie Cemetery. Take, for instance, this one: ‘Sacred to the memory of Tagh Mahomed who died by the hand of an assassin at Coolgardie January 10th 1896. Aged 37 years. His end was peace’. It’s an intriguing inscription with a fascinating background for those prepared to delve into Coolgardie’s early history and the significant role played by Afghan cameleers.

A great many of those buried at the cemetery were taken by successive outbreaks of typhoid fever. Others succumbed to mining accidents, thirst and alcoholism. And a good number ended their lives by their own hand.

The most famous grave is that of Ernest Giles, the great Australian outback explorer who had first traversed the region in 1875, seventeen years prior to Bayley and Ford’s historic gold discovery at Coolgardie.

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