Gunbarrel Highway


The Gunbarrel Highway was explored and surveyed by Len Beadell, with completion of the last section of the road in 1958. The road was the first east-west road to go across the centre of Australia.

The Gunbarrel Highway is a popular 4WD route that directly connects Western Australia to many popular tourist destinations in central Australia. The road travels through a very isolated and unpopulated part of the Australian outback, with towns and fuel stops far and few between.

Travellers on the route should be aware of road and weather conditions at all times and travel prepared.

For up to date road conditions reports, contact the Shire of Wiluna Office - (08) 9981 8000, the Shire Depot - (08) 9981 8011 or Works Manager on - 0429 817 010.

For current weather conditions, click here.

  • Gunbarrel Highway
  • Gunbarrel Highway
  • Gunbarrel Highway